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Four Women Raped in Hiran, No Arrested Made

Storyline:National News

BaladweyneAccording to reports we are getting from Hiran province, four women were raped by armed men who dragged them from the car they were traveling with. This happened 90km west of Baladweyn, the main town of the province.

The district commissioner Mohamed Osman and the Baladweyn Police Station commander Ali Dhuh who commented on the incident said that they sent officers to the concerned area, but could not find any trace of the perpetrators.

The officials also told reporters that no rape case has been reported to the police station, and that no women came forward to report any sexual offence. “So that we cannot confirm or deny once there no women who came forward to report any case” said the station commander.

Our reporters who met the some of the victims reported that the women were unwilling to speak to the press, but privately told them that indeed the rape has happened.

This is the second time such incident is reported from the same area, a month ago; there were three women who got raped by a gang.

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