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Four wounded after passenger cars collided in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Four passenger were wounded after two vehicles, passenger cars collided in Danwadaha junction in Mogadishu earlier today.

The wounded passengers were immediately rushed to Madina hospital for treatment.

One of the wounded passengers who sustained serious injuries is in critical condition as health officials copying with him confirmed to the media. He sustained injuries from the upper part of his body.

The public believe that the increasing number of accidents in Somalia, Mogadishu in particular is due to rough roads that were not repaired for more than two decades, careless drivers who use drugs, mobile phones and listen to loud music while driving and lack of proper road signs.

Recently  Police Traffic Commander general Ali Hirsi Barre in a press conference said road accidents in Mogadishu has been on increase the last six month throwing  the blame on the uncontrolled number of vehicles imported through Mogadishu seaport.