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Fowsiya Yussuf: “Monitoring Group’s report is defamatory, vilifying and false allegations”

Storyline:National News

Former minister of foreign affairs Fowsiya Hajji Yussuf Adam who is now a member of parliament of somalia denied what was stated in the report of the monitoring group that accused her and President Hassan Sheikh together with a U.S. law firm of conspiring to divert Somali assets recovered abroad in an irregular manner.

“What Mr. chopra leaked to the Media is full of defamatory, vilifying and false allegations and is engaged in smear campaign against me and the government I was part of”. Mrs. Fowsiya said.

“All the information that Mr. Chopra claims were given to him by Ms. Abrar which were based on her assumptions, thus totally unsubstantiated? His report contains nothing but fabricated information and what Ms. Abrar, thought, assumed and feared of. Not a shred of evidence anywhere in her allegations which makes Mr. Chopra’s report poor, unworthy and totally irresponsible”. She added.

She now wants to know who is responsible for this fabrication and who will take the blame for it, stating that she has all the evidence to disprove the allegations the Monitoring Group reported.“It is about time we stand tall to protect our dignity and that of our nation”.

“As a Foreign Minister, my role was to build the image of Somalia not to conspire and defame my name and that of my government. I was neither the Central Bank Governor nor the Finance Ministry to deal with the financial issues of the State”. She stated.

Overseas assets were frozen at the outset of the civil war in 1991 and include cash and gold held in banks during two decades of chaos and conflict in Somalia, as well as government properties on foreign soil according to a confidential report by the UN monitoring Group.

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