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Fresh fighting between clan militias erupts in Marko town

Storyline:National News

Fresh fighting has erupted in Marka town barely 24 hours after lulled felt as the two warring factions called for more reinforcement.

Reports from the town say forces from both sides clashed this morning even as elders were still convincing the sides to stop firing and come to negotiating table to iron out the differences.

Hundreds of residents of the town fled yesterday when two militias engaged fighting following disagreement between the sides.

A local resident in the town whose name has been withheld due to security concerns told Goobjoog News that the tension eased temporarily yesterday but flared up this morning.

People are moving away from the town and surrounding areas fearing the clashes as the situation and the current tense situation.

The clash between the two rival clans had started earlier this  year following a land dispute, while the local elders been able to mediate between the groups, a lasting ceasefire has never been achieved.