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Fresh tribal clashes embarks in Lower Shabelle region

Storyline:National News

Dagaal Beleed-- Lower ShabeleRenewed clan clashes embarked in Lower Shabelle region on Saturday, the areas where the heavy clan clashes erupted include km 50, Eel Wareeegow and Bushka localities.
Eye witness say they have seen many dead bodies mostly between the warring sides though the exact number was not confirmed.
Our correspondent in Lower Shabelle rgion Mohamed Abdi Afgoye reports that many people in the areas where the clashes started fled their homes.
This fresh clashes follow other tribal clashes that broke out in the region before two months.
The federal government has earlier appointed a committee to solve and end the hostilities in the region.
Lower Shabelle region is one of the regions in Somalia that is productive and rich suitable for pastorals and faring as water and pasture are plentiful. The clan clashes are caused by stiff competition for resources in the region.