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Galkaio begins ambitious campaign to clean up garbage

Storyline:National News





The local government of Galkaio has launched cleaning campaign to beautify and sanitize the town.
The head of sanitation of Galkaio town, Abdullahi Abdirahman who gave exclusive interview to Goobjoog News said the campaign will lead to the removal of heap of garbage in the town.
He adding that the campaign would make a big difference in the sanitary conditions in the Galkaio and will bring back the beauty of the town.
“This campaign will play very important role in the process to beautify Galkaio town and this will be continuous till we make sure that town is cleaned” he said.
Finally, Abdullahi on his part urged the locals in people of Galkaio town to take part in the cleaning campaign in the town.
Since the cleaning campaign carried out by the local government was launched in the town the piles of garbage came down.