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Galmudug 1st Minister Shakir calls for dialogue amid dispute over merger

Storyline:National News
FILE: Galmudug first minister Mohamed Shaakir Hassan during an interview with Goobjoog News in Mogadishu. Photo: Goobjoog TV|March 1, 2017

Galmudug first minister and former Alhusuna wal Jamaa leader Mohamed Shakir has called for dialogue and negotiations to address challenges affecting the state a day after parliament speaker and deputy president declared they would not recognise the inclusion of Shakir’s faction into government.

Shakir who was appointed first minister early this year following the conclusion of talks between his group and Galmudug administration said he was open to dialogue to address any differences.

“If anyone in Galmudug has a problem, we are ready to solve it,” Shakir said. “It is important to build on dialogue and negotiation.”

Deputy President Mohamed Araby and Speaker Ali Asir Saturday declared they would not recognise and acknowledge the inclusion of Alhusuna.

“Galmudug Parliament that got its legitimacy from 800 delegates who met here and took more than one year is the original and legitimate Parliament and we will work with that,”Asir said.

Asir who has in the past been at loggerheads with state president Ahmed Haaf said parliament would operate from Adado as agreed in the talks which culminated into the hoisting of the state flag in Dhusamareeb in January but warned he would not recognise any other arrangement.

“We won’t recognise any other parliament or government.”