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Galmudug appeals to Puntland to arrest attackers who crossed to its side


Galmudug administration has appealed to its neighbor -Puntland to arrest armed men that fled to its territory after attacking Saaxqurun location situated Galmudug side and killing a civilian.

The Deputy Police Commander in Galmudug Abdi Jama Abdulle Habeeb said Puntland had the responsibility to arrest the attackers in line with agreements by leaders of the two states recently.

“Initially the two Presidents of Galmudug and Puntland States appealed for a prevailing peace. Honestly on Galmudug side, it’s implemented. Earlier there was an incident in Jiriban where we undertook operation and arrested the culprits. Therefore, we expect from the security officials, elders and the public of Puntland to carry the necessary steps against this heinous crime in that location” said Habeeb.

Unidentified assailants are reported to have attacked Saaxqurun location on Galmudug side this week and killed a civilian before crossing over to Puntland side.

Habeeb said the agreement by Galmudug and Puntland to coordinate in dealing with security challenges was a welcome move noting it would be critical in reducing crimes in both states. Puntland and Galmudug this week announced the formation of a joint police force to be based in the border town of Galkaayo. The officers, 50 in number will be trained and equipped to ensure law and order in the town which has been the epicenter of perennial conflict pitying communities from both sides.