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Galmudug Assembly amends important article in their Constitution

The state lawmakers made sensitive change in its constitution which allows the assembly to dismiss the state president in 50+1 vote.  The parliament said that they made the changes in the constitution to strengthen the accountability of state executive branch.

The amended article stipulated that the state president can only be dismissed after 2/3 of state assembly members vote against him in case of breach or other capital mistakes against the state or the constitution.

47 members voted in favour of article amendment and 6 against while 2MPs abstained from voting.

The move by the assembly to amend this sensitive article puts tremendous pressure on Galmudg president and may lead to political instability in the region, Says Hussien Ali Ahmed- who is independent political analyst.

Galmudug president Abdikarim Hussien Guled did not issue any comments about this new constitutional change by the parliament.

Gamudg faces challenges from Ahlusan waljama-an armed religious group which controls parts of Galgudug region and Alshabab fighters who still run parts of the state territory.