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Galmudug claims victory over Al-Shabab fighters

Storyline:National News

Galmudug forces Tuesday carried out preemptive attacks against Al-Shabab fighters in areas under Harardhere town prompting hours of between between the sides.

Galmudug Minister of Information Mohamud Aden Osman (Mesagaway) said Galmudug forces attacked Al-Shabab militia that were trying to regroup outskirts of Ad & Eel-Abdi.

“Galmudug State puts priority on security and as a result of President Guled’s ordered security forces attacked Al-Shabab militia that were regrouping in the area” said Mesagaway.

He said the security forces received intelligence report that the militia were trying to recapture Ad & Eel-Abdi villages following their defeat
not that long ago.

” Security operation was very successful as terrorists fled the area with dead-bodies and injures as they fled towards Harardhere district. Today’s success will give a confidence to the people that Galmudug forces will continue the fight against terrorists.” he noted.
He added “Galmudug State is adamant that terrorists will regroup if given opportunities, so our security forces will continue to fight in order to eliminate all threats posed by Al-Shabaab”

Galmudug administration commended the locals for their commitment to cooperate with the Galmudug government and its security forces.

“We hugely thank our people for their cooperation with security forces as today’s intelligence came from people in the area. Terrorists fled the area after was heavily defeated and they managed to take with them dead-bodies and injured terrorists towards Harardhere district. Our forces will not rest until all threats from terrorists are eliminated for good in order to bring peace and stability in the areas.” said Mesagaway.

Minister Mesagaway finally called on the public to continue their support to security forces in order to bring peace and stability.