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Public transport drivers in Galmudug complain of roadblocks and illegal taxes

Storyline:National News, Security

Public transport driver operating from Gelinsoor and Bandiradley in Mudug and Galgaduud regions are complaining of illegal checkpoints on the main roads where armed militias demand ‘taxes’.

The long road connecting Gelinsoor and Bandiradley which is very much used by public transportation vehicles is rumoured to have numerous illegal checkpoints accumulating funds from people on board the vehicles and is said to cause the drives significant difficulties to the passengers.

Mohamoud Ahmed, one of the drivers, said: “that we are encountering serious problems in the road, which sometimes the militias opened fire on the vehicles  which result in deaths and injuries.”

Similarly, Mohamud said that some of these militant groups sometimes insist on rape against the women on the vehicles.

Finally, Mohamud demanded the Galmudug administration to immediately deal with these insecurity acts on the region.

There have been attacks on public transport and army installations in most of this part of the region and the forces have been trying to address.

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