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Galmudug forces seize suspected Al-Shabab boat

Storyline:National News

Galmudug forces confiscated a boat carrying suspected Al-Shabaab militants off the coast of Somalia’s Mudug region as Galmudug continues its fight against Al-Shabaab fighters in the region.

Galmudug information minister, Mohamud Adan Osman said that the Galmudug forces had captured suspected Al-Shabaab boat on Saturday.

“Our forces while on patrol seized a boat in the area of Mudug along Indian Ocean coast,” said Osman while addressing reporters in Adado town.

Galmudug has not confirmed the number of Al-Shabaab fighters onboard.

On Thursday fighting erupted between Galmudug forces and Al-Shabaab fighters in some parts of Mudug region.

Galmudug President Abdikarim Hussein Guled said Friday that, sixty Al-Shabaab fighters had been killed and 38 others captured by Galmudug forces in two day fighting in Mudug region.

“The enemy has lost 60 militants and 38 others were captured. We took all their weapons, and I am thanking the people of Galmudug who played a vital role in helping the state forces and refused to allow the enemy to set up a safe haven in this region,” said President Guled.

Al Shabaab has been driven out of major strongholds in Somalia by AMISOM and Somali army offensives but the group still controls some rural areas and often launches guerrilla-style assaults and bomb attacks.

Experts say pressure from the southern and central Somalia is pushing Al-Shabaab towards the northern part of Somalia.