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Galmudug leader vows to push Al-shabab out of the region before the end of 2015

Storyline:National News

The president of Somalia’s youngest regional state, Abdikarim Hussein Guleed has stated that his administration planned to annihilate AL-Shabab fighters from all areas under Galmudug State.

“My government has a target to flush out Al-Shabab from areas under Galmudug State including Harar-Dhere, El-Dher and Galhareri localities before the end of 2015” Abdikarin said.

In a statement issued from Galmudug presidential office, the president commended Galmudug forces for their commitment to fight against Al-Shabab fighters.

“The victory of Galmudug forces over Al-Shabab fighters and recapture of Amaara and Ba’aad-weyn localities is the beginning of the plans of Administration  to annihilate Al-Shabab fighters. Therefore our soldiers deserve appreciation, encouragement and cooperation” noted.

Galmudug forces have on Tuesday captured a town in central Somalia from Al-Shabab fighters following days of fighting between Al-Shabab fighters and the forces.

Abdikariim Mohamud Mohamed, the commander leading the forces, who spoke to Goobjoog News said that Galmudug forces staged attack on Al-Shabab military at Amara.
He stated that the fighting has caused casualties on both Al-Shabab fighters and Galmudug forces.

“We have several wounded soldiers and the other side went away with heavy casualties” he said.

Al-Shabab still controls the port of Harardheere in the same region.