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Galmudug Ministry of Constitution and Reconciliation appeals to the local traders

Storyline:National News

An appeal is made by the regional Ministry of Constitution and Reconciliation of Galmudug to the traders in its jurisdiction area to accept the Somali Shillings for business dealings.

Osman Mohamed Ali So’dal,  Galmudug Minister for Constitution and Reconciliation cited the need for the traders to be lenient to the small income people in order to overcome the problems brought by the refusal of the Somali shillings.

“I feel very sad for the Somali Shilling not to work [in the markets] and preference given to US Dollars through Evc+ electronic system. It is a national problem” said Minister Osman.

According to Minister Osman, the state of Galmudug has to enforce legal emergency policies to strengthen initiation of monetary policies, to safeguard the rights of the local people to use a currency for trade among others through the local Ministries of Finance and Security to maintain business and peace in the region.