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Galmudug Parliament Speaker in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

ali-Gacal-Casir-280x175A delegation led by the newly elected speaker for Galmudug Hon. Ali Gacal Asir is in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia just weeks after his election and the inauguration of the regional assembly.

Sources have told Goobjoog News that the delegation has received invitation from the federal parliament for consultation on matters of working relationship between the two houses.

Federal parliament speaker Prof. Mohamed Osman Jawari who attended the inaugural ceremony for Ali Gacal has commended the formation of the parliament and said it was free and fair and went as far as saying “This is Made in Somalia state” in an apparent swipe at other regional states.

On earlier occasion Mr. Jawari said that there is a great need to develop working relationship between the federal parliament and regional assembly so to give the citizens the real representation and service they deserve and to speed up the work.

He believed that the regional assemblies would fill the gap between the residents of the regions and the federal parliament, and would serve as a bridge.

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