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Galmudug members of parliament today approved Cadado to be the headquarter

Storyline:National News

Galmudug members of parliament today approved in anonymous voting to establish Cadado to be their headquarter.

According to a statement released by the president Galmudug Ahmed Du’ale Xaaf before, but today the members of galmudug parliaments have discussed the matter today.

The meeting at Cadado was attended by 46 members of parliament of Galmudug parliament as the agenda was to conduct a vote for the parliament headquarter and call on the federal government.

According to Goobjoog News, members of the parliaments after the vote said that “all 46 members of the parliament approved a majority vote saying that Cadaado officially becomes the headquarter of the member of parliament.”

Meanwhile, Galmudug Parliament urged the federal government to intervene with the authorities to resolve disputes.

Galmudug Vice President Mohamed Hashi and the Speaker of Parliament Ali Ga’al Abdi are expected to travel to Mogadishu as the federal government will discuss how best to deal with conflict.

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