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Galmudug president accuses federal government of interference

Storyline:National News
Galmudug President Ahmed Du’alle Haaf. Photo: courtesy

Galmudug state has accused the federal government of what it termed as interference and frustration of its efforts at reconciling with the moderate Islamist group Alhusuna wal Jama’a.

A day after sensationally claiming the federal government was planning his arrest in Hargeisa upon arrival from Djibouti, Galmudug President Ahmed Geele Haaf said in a statement from the information ministry the federal government was frustrating his nascent administration.

“It is really disheartening that the leadership of the federal government especially the President and Prime Minister are meddling openly in Galmudug state while using individuals with tribal minded attitude.”

“It is amazing how we can trust the leadership of a country on men who are busy on clan division in Galmudug state.”

Haaf announced last week his state was breaking ranks with the federal government to support Saudi-UAE faction in the ongoing Gulf Crisis joining Puntland, South West and Somaliland all of which sided with the Saudis. But in a sharp rejoinder, the state deputy president Mohamed Haashi Arabay rubbished the move noting the state was in support of the government position.

Talks between Galmudug administration and Alhusuna stalled mid this year after hopes of resumption following the election of President Mohamed Farmaajo in February. Alhusuna occupies Dhusamareb which is the official capital of Galmudug forcing the state government to pitch camp in Adado.

Haaf called on the international community to intervene in the differences with the federal government urging legislators from Galmudug to also offer support.

“The International Community is aware of the destructive move the federal government is having upon the federal member states. We are appealing to them to stand up for this issue in a prompt way,” the statement read.

Haaf was elected May 3 replacing former leader Abdikarin Guled who resigned on health grounds.