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Galmudug president inaugurated in Adado

Storyline:National News

In a well organized and televised inauguration ceremony has seen the attendance by large dignitaries including Somali Federal Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud, Somali Federal and Interior Minister, information ministry, civil society, and United Nations general secretary’s especial representative for Somalia, International communities and many others concluded in Adodo.

The inaugurated president of Galmudug State Abdikarim Hussein Guled has thanked everyone who contributed the state formation and pledged to everything in his power to make the state peace and prosperous.

Somali Federal President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud has hailed the efforts that made possible to form Galmudug State and asked Ahlusuna Waljama to work with state and hinted out Somali Federal Governments readiness to listen and answer demands of the group.

The inaugurated president faces a number of challenges within the state; Ahlusunna, Alshabab, armed clans.

A neighboring Putland state has refused to recognize Galmudug state and some accused for helping Ahlusuna to stop standing its own feet.

South West State

President of South West State Sharif Hassan Sheik Adan has attended the ceremony and recognized Galmudug State, this has isolated Puntland and Jubbaland who refused to follow suit.

According to analysts President Hassan has now the support of two regional states; a significant political gain ahead of 2016, the president is seeking reelection as states wield considerable power come 2016.

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