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Galmudug State commends central State formation conference in Adado

Storyline:National News

The administration of Galmudug described the central State formation conference scheduled to hold in Adado town as being a golden opportunity for the administration and people of Galmudug State.
The deputy speaker of Galmudug parliament Mohamed Abdi Ali speaking to Goobjoog FM stated that the conference would be precious opportunity for people of Gulmudug region people in the history and he urged them to make use of the chance.
The speaker called urged people to collaborate with the administration in the preparation and running of the conference as it is for the benefit Galmudug State and all other people living in central regions.
The central state formation conference is expected to kick off soon in Adado town and the technical committees, delegations from central regions of Somalia, elders and intellectuals are pouring there day after day.