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Galmudug State to negotiate Ahlusana and Punland

Storyline:National News

Abdikarim Hussien Guled, Galmudug State newly elected president stressed his desire to talk to Somali Islamist group Ahlu Sunni waljam’a in the region which controls parts of Galmudug territory including Dusamareb city which is designated to be the capital city of the state by Somali presidential decree in April of this year.

He said they are ready to end the differences in peace manner that would satisfy everyone.

“I am asking them to work with this administration and to co-operate with us” he said.

he also added “In our side as the head of this new Galmudg Administration let me welcome Ahlusuna to the table of negotiation ,we are ready to accept their contributions” he said.

Meanwhile Ahlu-sunna rejected the offer and characterized the new Admistration as an agent that does not represent the interest of Central State people Administration “We have our own administration which stands for the will of central region’s people we do not even recognize so called this newly formed Admin in Adado” Ahmad Shakir Ali the head of Ahlusuna said in Statement.


Abdikarim also called upon Puntland State to not worry about his Administration, assuring them his will to build friendly relationship with Puntland State.

“ I am calling our brotherly neighboring in this case, Puntland to stay calm, we are not against in any of your interests …. We are ready to establish with you a relationship based on mutual interest, respect and understanding”

The newly elected president faces a number of tough challenges varying from security to structuring the institutions of the new State.