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Galmudug to Fine Transport Bearing Puntland Number Plates

Storyline:National News

GalmudugGalmudug traffic top cop Mohamud Mohamed Abdulle has told Goobjoog that his administration will fine any vehicle bearing Puntland number plates and will also arrest the driver for 24 hours.

“We are informing the people of Galmudug that from tomorrow any car bearing Puntland number plate will fined for $30 dollars, and the driver will be arrested , we will keep him behind bars for 24 hours, this is an official degree from Galmudug State” says Mohamud.

The Traffic head said that they had several times before informed the public not to fix Puntland number plates on their cars, but now they will act against it.

On the other hand Galmudug has been rounding up cars without number plates and those with tinted windows which they say pose a security threat.

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