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Galmudug and US Reach Understanding over Jehdin Airstrike

Storyline:National News

The President of Galmudug state Abdikarim Gulled on Saturday said his state has reached understanding with US over Jehdin Airstrike which killed 14 Galmudug soldiers.

Speaking at Press conference in Adado this Saturday, President Gulled said his state reached full understanding with Americans over Jehdin attack “As you may know, I went to Mogadishu to meet an American delegations; We discussed on Jehdin airstrike which took place in Galkio on 28. SEP. after long discussion we have reached an understanding on this matter” Said, President Gulled

Gulled did not specify the terms and the nature of the understanding; however, source indicate that Americans will give compensation to Galmudug state and have apologized to Galmudug over the incident “We agreed to work together and to avoid any future incidents” Said, Abdikarim.

No comments from the American side on the agreement with Galmudug, but previously maintained that they have killed Alshabab fighters in Jehdin airstrike.