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Garbaharay Residents Start Fleeing The Town Ahead Of Offensive

Storyline:National News

Garbaharey districtReports from Gedo region indicate that many residents in Garbaharay town have started evacuating the town in fear of imminent fighting between Somali National Army backed by African peace-keeping mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops and Al-Shabab fighters who are controlling the town.

Hundreds of SNA soldiers assisted by Ethiopian troops in battle tanks are advancing towards strategic Bardera town in South-western Somalia.

The troops have passed Qansah-Dhewre town to intensify anti-militant push and liberate areas remaining under the control of Al Shabaab fighters.

Reports coming to Goobjoob News indicate that many Al-Shabab fighters from Al-Shabab controlled areas were deployed in Garbaharay town which caused many people to pack their luggage and run for dear lives.

Somalia government and Jubaland officials previously pointed to fresh military offensives against Al Shabaab.

Ethiopian forces were officially integrated into African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) in January 2014.