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Garbaharey administration forbids possession of weapons within the town

Storyline:National News

GarbahareyThe administration of Garbaharey district in Gedo region has prohibited possession of all sort of weapons within the town.

The district commissioner of Garbaharey Iman Adow told Goobjoog FM that government forces were ordered to stay at their bases except the times of need adding that the move will give his administration time to combat insecurity and uphold security of the region.

He stated that the administration will not tolerate government forces to take weapons within the public and stern action will be taken against anyone who violates the orders of the administration.

This comes a time when the president of the republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and delegates reached Garbaharey and took meeting with the administration of Gedo region, their meeting focused on security and the droughts that has affected the people and the livestock.