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Garbaharey Hospital closed due to lack of medical supply

Storyline:National News

Garbaharey districtGarbaharay administration has expressed concern over the operation Qoryooley general hospital which is close to be shut down due to lack of medicine and other medical equipment.

District commissioner of Garbaharey, Iman Adow Karshe told Goobjoog News on Thursday that they are about close down the district hospital as a result of medicine run out and the pharmacies in the town are facing shortage of medical supply.
“There are no medical facilities in the district, the situation of the people is terrorising one, the health workers who were volunteers have stop their work due to lack of medicine” the DC said.
finally, the DC called upon the government of Somalia, well-wishers and humanitarian organizations to react and the fill the medical gaps in the district.
Since Somalia central government was toppled in 1990s, the country has been facing lack proper medical supply as some medical traders were importing counterfeit drugs which made the situation out of frying into the fire.
Somalia has no quality control bureau therefore the nation has become a place where dump outdated products such as food stuff and drugs are dumped.

Unlicensed clinics and pharmacies with unqualified staff have been dispencing counterfeit and expired medicines that are making people sick and endangering the lives of Somalis.
The sick can be seen walking towards the hospital at dawn, before any other souls venture out onto every single streets of  every town in the nation. They move slowly, placing one shaky limb before the other, accompanied by the cool ocean breeze and the sound of crowing roosters.
Those with a dollar to spare take a tuk-tuk. They are all heading to a high-walled guarded compound in the relatively well-off neighbourhood in Mogadishu’s Hodan district.
They are worse than bombs because a bomb kills 10 or 20 people. But these drugs can kill hundreds of people and no one will hear about it.