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Garbaharey residents hold demos against Madobe’s visit

Storyline:National News

Hundreds of people Sunday gathered in Garbaharey town the headquarters of Gedo region to protest against an expected visit of the Jubbaland state president Ahmed Madobe to the town.

Garbaharey deputy governor Adan Sirad told Goobjoog News that they have been trying to stop residents of the town against any demonstrations in the past days but they cleared them today and ordered their protests to be peaceful.

The protesters said they were angry over the Jubbaland administration’s neglect of the region in the past seven years.

The deputy Adan Sirad said, “We have requested and even sent invites to the Jubbaland leaders to visit the area but we were never answered.” The residents also accused Madobe of incompetence and failure to ensure political stability.

Jubbaland authorities in Kismayu however told Goobjoog News there were no plans for the president’s visit.

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