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Garowe talks stall as PM struggles to convince regional leaders

Storyline:National News

Garowe TalksSources close to the Garowe talks between the Federal Government and regional states of Puntland and Jubbaland say the talks dragged on for a second day after Abdiwali Ali Gas and Ahmed Mohamed Islam failed to recognise the newly formed Galmudug state.

PM Omar Abdirashid reportedly told the leaders that Galmudug would change its constitution which has an article that says Galmudug border runs into the Puntland territory.

Credible elections

He urged them to recognize the new State so as to proceed with the 2016 vision and also to accept the Independent Commissions approved by the Federal Parliament. The Electoral Commission and Boundaries and Federalism Commission are the main components necessary for credible elections and the federalisation process in Somalia.

Puntland and Jubbaland have also raised separates issues with the Federal Government specifically calling for for a greater say in all major decisions for the 2016 process and beyond. They have also raised concerns regarding the Provisional Constitution 2012 noting that the the current draft as it is different from the original document they assented to in Galkacyo in 2012.

Puntland and Jubbaland have vowed not to recognise the newly formed state of Galmudug in addition to rejecting the Provisional Constitution.”

To reinforce its argument, Puntland State Parliament last week past a vote which formally rejects the Provisional Constitution and only recognises the original Galkacyo draft.

One delegate attending the talks told Goobjoog News on condition of anonymity that states are demanding to have a guaranteed stake in power sharing arrangement before they can agree on anything.

Government is desperately trying to convince these two important states to accept the Independent Commissions and Galmudug State. However it faces the uphill task of reconciling with the two states towards a united front for 2016 and beyond.

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