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Gedo elders demand the withdrawal of Kenyan troops from the region

Storyline:National News

The elders in Gedo region called the federal government of Somalia the withdrawal of Kenyan defense forces (KDF) under AMISOM from the region.

Hussein Adan Warsame, one of the elders who met in Bulo Hawo district on border of Kenya condemned Kenyan army for attacking civilians in the outskirts of the district adding that they will not tolerate the attacks of Kenyan fighter jets on innocent civilians.

The elder stated that they attempted to raise complaints to the government of Kenya and the army commanders on the attacks but it didn’t happen as planned.

The elders urge the federal government, UN and AMISOM to immediately intervene and save the innocent civilians that are regularly targeted.

At least two civilians and herd of animals were confirmed dead after Kenyan war planes carried out airstrike in villages near Bulo Hawo district the recent three days.

On the other hand the government of Kenya claimed that its troops killed 100 Al-shabab members after attacking their bases at the border in retaliation for Mandera bus attack, Al-shabab denied the claims.