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Gedo Elders Oppose IJA regional Charter

Storyline:National News

ijaSome of Gedo traditional elders have strongly opposed the draft of he regional charter of Interim Jubba Administration.
Reports coming to Goobjoog News state that intellectuals and traditional elders in Bulla-Hawa and Dolow towns have discarded some articles of the regional charter as draconian law.
Came after the administration of IJa sent delegates to these towns make discussion with the elders over the draft regional charter.
There has been darkness between IJA administration and federal government of Somalia for past weeks after Jubbaland cut ties with Somali government
The move comes after Somali Federal parliament voted out Jubbaland regional assembly which they term as illegal and unconstitutional.
General Abdullahi Sheik Ismael Aka Fartag said “From now on … we have stopped all collaborations with the Federal Government and suffered all ties . We would not accept any delegation from Federal governments”.
This led administration of Semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland to backed the decision of Interim Jubba Administration to cut off all relations withSomali Federal Government over the passing of controversial no-confidence motion in Newly formed IJA regional Assembly.
Puntalnd State itself had many-times used this card to pressure the Federal Government on political matters.