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Gedo elders support the dialogue between Bare Hirale and Juba administration

Storyline:National News

Hirale and Madobe

The traditional elders and intellectuals in Gedo region hailed the dialogue between Interim administration of Juba in Southern Somalia and Bare Hirale.

Burale Jama’a Der, one of the elders in Garbaharey district described the move as a step forward that was delayed, adding that it will end the political tensions in the region.

The elder also stated that the elders and in the intellectuals will back every effort meant to solve the political crisis

Mr. Deer suggested that similar reconciliation conference should be held in Garbaharey, the headquarters of Gedo region.

On Thursday Bare Hirale in dialogue with IJA brokered by federal government ministers and IGAD accepted to take part in second phase of Juba reconciliation conference that will be held in Kismayo on 12th of September.