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Bardhere farmers complain over increased number of pest

Storyline:National News

Farmers in Bardhere district of Gedo region express concern over an increased number of pests that directly affect and destroy their products.

Ali Mohamud Ali, a farmer in Bardhere told Goobjoog News that their production is faced with serious threats that hamper and reduce the efficiency of agricultural output.

The farmers in this Bardhere district used to grow crops like maize, beans, lemons, simsim and other types fruits and vegetables which transported to different towns such Mogadishu, Baidoa but this year the output seems to be less compared to last year.
Mr. Mohamed called upon the ministry for agriculture to come up with measures of controlling the impacts of pests and diseases they spread

Pests and diseases have impacts on agricultural produce which directly brings variation in the prices of the production.
they  can also  have significant negative impacts on food security and nutrition in developing countries.