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Storyline:National News

The Federal Republic of Germany further increases its comprehensive assistance to Somalia in its process of political and economic reconstruction. Germany expands the existing cooperation with another three projects on top of the pledges already made so far.
Firstly, Germany provides one million Euros to the International Committee of the Red Cross for its humanitarian activities. The assistance is targeted particularly at improving access to health services.
Furthermore, the German government makes available over 170,000 Euro to the international organisation Interpeace for their work in the field of democratisation in ‘Somaliland’ and Puntland. Amongst other activities, Interpeace will provide information on upcoming elections to the rural population.
Finally, the International Organisation for Migration receives approximately one million Euros from Germany to run a centre in Baidoa for the reintegration of defectors of Al Shabaab. Thus, Germany aims at contributing towards increased security and reconciliation.
With regards to the increase of cooperation between Germany and Somalia, German Ambassador Andreas Peschke said:
“Germany continues to be a strong and committed partner to Somalia in its efforts to rebuild its country and bring about peace and stability. Our unwavering support covers humanitarian assistance, but goes beyond short term cooperation. Somalia has made great progress in the past years. Germany will continue to support Somalia on its path towards reconstruction.”