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Go 2 School teachers complain about salary overdue

Storyline:National News

Teachers Series 1 Episode 4 pt 3 002 (1)



Dozens of Somali Go 2 School teachers, who were posted by the Ministry of Education, are complaining about the lack of payment.
Some of the teachers who spoke to Goobjoog FM said that they had not been paid any salary for the last ten months.
The teachers call upon Somali ministry for education to solve these overdue salary payments. and
The Go 2 School campaign which was kicked off on 16th January 2014 has gotten over one million Somali children and youth into school.
The Go 2 School Initiative, which is estimated to cost $117 million over three years, is being supported by UNICEF, WFP and UNESCO along with a number of International NGOs. Funds from the European Union, USAID and the UK’s Department for International Development DFID have been granted to a consortium of NGOs. Japan, the Global Partnership for Education, the Danish International Development Agency DANIDA, Educate A Child and The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation have made commitments.