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Goobjoog Media Group journalists demand justice for Khashoggi

Storyline:National News

Goobjoog Media Group journalists today joined other journalists in the world in demanding for justice for slain Washington Post journalist Jamal Khasshogi.

The journalists drawn from Goobjoog Television, Goobjoog FM, Goobjoog Business and Goobjoog News took break from their work and together carried placards with images of Khasshogi calling for justice.

Goobjoog TV head of news Hanad Ali Guled said the coming together of Goobjoog Media Group journalists was in expression of solidarity and as message of condolence to the family of the slain journalist.

“We organized this even to offer our condolences to the family of Khashoggi and to also express our sadness as journalists in solidarity with journalists all over the world. Khashoggi used to express his opinions freely and our objective is to show that we are one family,” said Guled.

Mr. Guled said what happened to Khasshoggi could happen to any other journalist around the world adding journalists must stand up and protect their freedoms of speech and expression.

“We are mourning today for our brother Jamal Khashoggi and we are standing for freedom of speech. We pray for Jamal Khashoggi who died in the hands of Saudi Arabia government.”

The CIA said Saturday it had determined Khashoggi was killed under instructions from Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman. Saudi prosecutors said late last week they would be seeking the death penalty for those who killed the dissident journalist who until his death was residing in the U.S.

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