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Goobjoog Radio Awarded on World Disability Day

Storyline:National News

During the commemoration of  World Disability Day yesterday in Mogadishu, Goobjoog Radio has been awarded by the ministry of Labor and Hadaf Organisation, which the umbrella organization of Somali disabled people.

Goobjoog Radio Director Hassan Mohamud received a certificate of appreciation on the Goobjoog’s role of championing the rights of disabled people in Somalia and promoting their issues with coverage.

The ministry and Hadaf praised the Radio as one of the only two media houses that has slots dedicated for the disables and gives platform to the disables to express themselves.

Also awarded was the Public Broadcaster Radio Mogadishu and SNTV for their role of promoting the rights of disables. Abdirahman Yussuf of the public broadcaster received on its behalf.


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