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Governent forces in Gedo complain from lack of Salaries

Storyline:National News

Saraakiil rer Gedo

A time when operation Indian Ocean is going on in South and Central Somalia, Federal government forces in Gedo region are complaining from lack of regular month salaries.

Col. Abass Ibrahim Gureey, one of  the senior military officials in the region told Goobjoog FM that the forces are actively conducting operation Indian Ocean and have taken control of several areas in  the region adding  that the federal government has failed to give the forces the care they deserved.

The official reiterated that the forces have not received salaries and incentives from the federal government for three years.

“We have been fighting with Al-shabab in several settlements of Gedo region though there is lack of morale and regular salaries” the officer said.

The federal government of Somalia  has not yet given comment about the complains of the military in the region.