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Government and Opposition in Somaliland Sign Agreement

Storyline:National News

Flag_of_Somaliland.svgAfter long feud between government of President Ahmed Silanyo and opposition parties over the extension of mandate for the government, finally the two signs signed an agreement.

The main point in the agreement stipulates that all sides agreed to the extension by the senate house.

Here are the 4 points they agreed upon

  1. The parties agreed the decision passed by the senate house extending the mandate for both the president and for the parliament.
  2. That elections for the president and parliamentary should be held in December 2016 without delay
  3. The parties UCID, WADDANI AND KULMIYE called that the election should be held in December 2016 and the electoral commission should choice the day.
  4. The three parties also called that the election date should be announced in a presidential degree

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