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Government announces pardon for members retreating from Al-shabab

Storyline:National News

In an emergency meeting the cabinet ministers this evening discussed the latest developments in the country particularly the security.

The meeting chaired by the prime minister of the federal government of Somalia, broadly covered the ongoing Indian Ocean operation that started three days ago against Al-shabab to swill them out of their strongholds in south-central Somalia.

While giving a brief to the Media afterwards, national security minister Khalif Ahmed Ereg, praised the gains made so far by the allied forces in the offensive aimed to oust alshabab, stating that the operation is going on as it was planned.

The government also announced an amnesty for all Al-shabab members who pull out and leave the group within 45 days.

Mr khalif further stated that the government of Somalia was aware of last night’s US drone attack in Shaw and Dhay Tubaako locations southern Somalia, without giving further details.

Last night, U.S. airstrike targeted a town where senior commanders of the al-Shabaab were meeting, including the group’s leader Ahmed Abdi Godane. The Pentagon said, but hasn’t given any further details.

The U.S. previously launched several missile strikes in Somalia in attempts to destroy al-Shabaab’s top layer of leadership. In January, the U.S. conducted a missile strike that killed Ahmed Abdikadir (Iskudhuq).

Since the “Indian Ocean” operation started, AMISOM and Somali forces captured Buulomarer, Kuntuwarey and Halgan towns of Shabelle and hiraan regions respectively.