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No entry to Mogadishu without clearance, govt orders army in Shabelle regions

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The soldiers have also been barred from carrying heavy weapons to the city

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Soldiers based in Lower and Middle Shabelle regions will not be allowed to enter Mogadishu without clearance from their commanders, Security Minister Mohamed Islow has said warning of laxity on arms control in the city.

Islow also noted troops from the two regions will not be allowed to carry heavy arms into the city even with clearance in line with the cabinet decree last May.

“We demand that the military from the two Shabelle regions should contact their commanders prior coming to Mogadishu,” Islow said while addressing a joint media conference with Prime Minister Hassan Khaire in Mogadishu Sunday evening.

“They will also not be permitted to carry with them heavy weapons to Mogadishu such as PKM, Pick-Up tracks mounted weapons among others,” Islow noted adding regulations regarding arms control in the city had loosened over time.

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