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Government calls on arms dealers and militias to surrender their weapons

Storyline:National News

The government has today issued notice to all arms dealers and militia groups in the country to surrender all weapons in their possession.

During an extra-ordinary meeting on the disarmament campaign attended by the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the cabinet ratified the ongoing disarmament operations in the city and called on weapon dealers and militias to hand over their weapons to the national security agencies.

In a statement released, the cabinet said, “The cabinet of the ministers welcome the recent operations meant to eradicate illegal weapons and the sacrifice made to secure the capital city.”

The statement added that warlords and militias are required to hand over their weapons to the National Security Ministry.

Information Minister Mustaf Dhuhulow said, the government banned the use of illegal arms in the capital, and it will soon ban it across the nation.

“According to the law, the National Security Forces and anybody licensed to hold light weapons is legally allowed to hold but anybody else is not allowed.” the Minister said.

The Minister also stated that the government considers other organized armed groups and independent militias in city as Al-shabab and will be dealt like them.

This meeting came days after the Security Forces conducted raids on the houses of former warlords in Mogadishu triggering fierce gun battle which left tens of people dead.