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Government forces and Ahlu Suna plan to capture Bardhere district

Storyline:National News

Ahlu Suna Wal Jama’a officials in Gedo region stated that they will capture Bardhere district.

Mohamed Yusuf Al-Qadhi, among the top officials of Ahlu Suna in Southern Somalia stated that Ahlu Suna militias together with government forces  have taken over many areas from Al-shabab.

Al-Qadi reiterated that the forces will not rest until the remaining areas under the control of Al-shabab in the region including Bardhere, the last stronghold of the group will come back to the federal government’s control.

He also underlined that the number of Al-shabab militias in Bardhere are few therefore he  added does no much resistance expected from the group  in the town.

Al-shabab has lost the control of many areas in South and Central Somalia since Operation Indian Ocean launched by the joint forces.