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Government forces and AMISOM launch offensive against Al-shabab in Lower Shabele

Storyline:National News

Government forces backed by AMISOM have today launched dawn military offensive  on the areas controlled by Al-shabab in Lower Shabele region.

The joint forces are heading to Bula Marer locality, a stronghold of Al-shabab and other areas in the region.

Lower Shabele governor Abdikadir Mohamed Noor Sidii speaking to Gob Jog FM stated that the forces have launched the attack from different directions.

He added that the force are determined to take over all the areas controlled by Al-shabab in the  Lower Shabele region.

Other reports from Hiran and Middle Shabele regions state that the joint forces have launched similar operations.

On 11th January 2013 French military tried to free a hostage in a failed rescue operation in Bulo Marer locality, after the operation the man was executed in response to the French attack.