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Government forces and AMISOM seize new areas in Gedo region

Storyline:National News

Federal government forces together with African Union peace-keeping troops have taken over new areas in Gedo region from Al-shabab.

The joint forces have advanced to the areas and finally seized through confrontations with al-shabab.

Col. Osman Nuh Haji, among the senior security officials told Goobjoog FM that the joint reached areas Bula Hawo district, he added that they killed three Al-shabab members during the seizure of the areas under their control.

Mr. Haji stated that the joint forces are in full control of Bulo Haji and will advance to new areas including Bulo Barwaaqo, a stronghold of Al-shabab in the region.

The joint forces have vowed to smoke out Al-shabab from the region and avert the planned attack of the group around the border of Somalia and Kenya.

On their side Al-shabab claimed victory over the clashes with the allied forces in outskirt of Bula Hawo district.

These  operations comes a time when Al-shabab took credit of two deadly attacks in Mandera county where over fifty non-Muslims lost their lives.