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Government forces conduct operations to dismantle illegal roadblocks in Lower Shabele

Storyline:National News

Somali government forces backed by AMISOM troops have conducted heavy operation to clean up illegal roadblocks set up by armed militias clad in SNA attire, in the Lower Shabelle region following constant complaints by the farmers and transport owners in the past weeks..

Gunmen purporting to be government forces have set up their own roadblocks to collect revenue from civilian transporters accessing the main road between Mogadishu, the country’s capital and the other parts of the Lower Shabelle region resulting high prices on the grocery markets in Mogadishu.

The associations of transport owners and drivers have been continuously protesting against the roadblocks where the armed militias demand huge amount of money forcing many transport owners to go on strike.

Lower Shabelle officials and the officials of Somali National Army [SNA] have this week announced the fresh operation which to uproot all legal roads.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Leego chief, Abukar Abdullahi said the operation was meant to create safe access for the locals and to make the lives of the civilians very simple.

He said the forces were ordered to deal harshly with the armed people found in roadblocks.

“Those setting up roadblocks and denying the safe access of the people are just like Al Shabab.” he said.