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Government forces shut down Shabeelle and Sky radio stations

Storyline:National News

Somali government forces have today shut down Shabelle Radio and Sky FM stations in Mogadishu and arresting eight of their staff during a raid.

Director of Radio Shabelle Mohamed Muse, who spoke to the media said that the government security forces raided the premises of Shabelle Radio & TV and Sky FM, and confiscated media equipments.

The security forces who raided the premises took owner of Shabelle Media Network, Abdimalik Yusuf along with a number of staff to the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department for interrogation.


The two outlets  are stationed at Hodan district and the raid occurred at a time when both the radios and the television were on air.

The government through the spokesman of the Ministry of National security accused the closed stations of spreading false information and propaganda in airing reports that are deemed to incite violence.

Government-owned state radio confirmed the shutdown of the two stations was ordered by the security minister to avoid further insurgency in Mogadishu as the security forces continue to secure the capital city from armed clan militias and warlords hindering peace.