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Government keen to implement agreement on electoral process, Prime Minister Barre says

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: Federal Government of Somalia Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre has said the government is keen to implement the agreement on the electoral process which he said provides the Somali people with an opportunity to choose the leaders they want.

“As a government, it is our responsibility to give the Somali people freedom to vote and have a chance to exercise their political rights,” he said.

The Prime Minister urged the Council of Ministers to play a role in the implementation of the electoral laws and assist in educating the Somali people on the significance of the proposals.

He also observed that Security is a matter of national importance and called for all Somali leaders and citizens to support government efforts as it plans to launch the second phase of its war against the Al-Shabaab militants.

“The goal of the federal government is not a political revolution but a security revolution that will restore peace in the country, seek debt relief, complete the drafting of the constitution and create a prosperous environment for the people of Somalia,” he said.