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Government launches internet connection service to all ministries

Storyline:Business, National News
Deputy PM Mahdi Guled Khadar (C)cuts the ribbon during the unveiling of the government internet center. Photo: Goobjoog News

Telecommunications ministry today unveiled internet connection services for all government ministries aimed at enhancing information technology uptake in government ministries.

Telecommunication minister Abdi Hassan Anshur said the internet centre will ensure all government ministries get free and uninterrupted internet connection.

“We will give service to 26 ministries with free internet connection for the coming 20 years including maintenance and upgrading the system. We have been assisted in this program by the World Bank through PIU meant for sector development and growth” said Anshur.

The minister added the new system will also cushion the government from internet interruption in case of any outage as experienced mid this year.

Unveiling the new centre, Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled Khadar hailed it as a new frontier in government communications technology in addition to the passage of the telecommunications law by parliament last week.

“First they succeeded in the ratification of the Telecommunication Act that was unable to be passed for more than 10 years during the first sitting of the federal Upper House assembly. Secondly further additions and amendments were done by legal experts for the necessary adjustments in addition to efforts by the minister and his ministry for the approval of the telecommunications act,” said Khadar.

The deputy premier termed the passage of the bill as historic concluding a ten year battle to pass the bill.