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Government launches post New Deal development blueprint process

Storyline:National News

The government has today launched the 2017-2019 National Development Plan as a successor to the current New Deal Compact which lapses sometime next year as set out in the Brussels conference in 2013 pact.

The process which is expected to draw input from various stakeholders including the federal states, civil societies and institutions of higher learning will be critical in overseeing the country’s development agenda in the post New Deal framework.

In 2013 Somalia and members of the international community assented to a development blue print following the end of the Transitional Federal Government in 2012. The plan, otherwise known as the New Deal Compact focused on five peace and statebuilding pillars notably inclusive politics, security, justice economic development, revenue collection and service delivery.


Planning and International Cooperation Minister Abdi Aynte said the plan will be implemented after the successful implementation of the New Deal Compact, which is coming to an end in the last quarter of 2016 and will be the reference point for government and development partners.

“The purpose of the National Development Plan is to provide guidance to the national authorities and the international partners to Somalia in shaping a medium term strategic framework to build upon our achievements of the past few years, further strengthen the (emerging) state structures, create the favourable environment for private and non-government sector development, and – importantly – bring the benefits of the development efforts to the citizens,” said Aynte.

Sustainable Development Goals

The minister said the government is committed to developing a new comprehensive medium-term National Development Plan in which all citizens will participate. “The plan will be compliant Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (iPRSP) and aligned with the newly adopted Global Sustainable Goals (SDG),” added Aynte.

Planning permanent secretary Abdi Issi Dirshe told Goobjoog News the plan is expected to come into effect in 2016 until 2019. “The commencement of the development plan will be comprehensive enough to give the people of Somalia a chance to give their views taking into consideration all aspects of society,” said Dirshe.

Under the New Deal, the government has made remarkable efforts including the federalisation process which has seen formation of two more states- Galmudug and Southwest states with the Middle Shabelle/Hiiraan state yet to be formed. The restoration of peace in a number of towns in the country, thanks to joint Somali National Army and AMISOM operations add to developments under the New Deal.

But a lot remains undone including establishing of fully functional government structures, revenue collection, political processes among others.