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Government of Iran accused of Supporting Ahlu-Sunna waljama’a

Storyline:National News

The administration of Galmidug state has accused the government of Iran of supporting the Somali Moderate Islamist, Ahlu-Sunna waljama’a.

Galmudug information minister Mohamed Adan Osman said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is backing Ahlu-Suna waljama’a militarily in order to obtained its interests in the region.

“The regional state of Galmudug is hereby to confirm that Dervish faction of Ahlu-Sunna Waljama’a has ties with Iran Government where it gets full support in many sides. It is unfortunate that at this transitional point when people of this region is ready to discuss their future, handful individuals plan to create enmity between the brotherly residents of Galmudug state but as we are the administration of this region, we undertaking the responsibility to stabilise these areas” he said.

The minister added “we call on Somali government to intervene the situation and warn Iran government to stop fuelling Somalia’s internal problems”

He called upon people of Galmudug state to work with administration in peace rebuilding process.

This comes days after Galmudug forces engaged gun battle with the fighters Ahlu-Sunna faction based in Dhusa-Mareeb town, in Abudwaq town.

The combat started last Monday and continued two consecutive days as it claimed at least lives 20 people including warring sides while more than 20 others were also wounded in the clashes, according to local residents.