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Government of Iran refutes claims by NISA

Storyline:National News

Iran Government have refuted recent claims by the National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia (NISA) accusing Iranians of spreading Shiitism doctrine

Spokesman for Iranian foreign ministry, Hussein Jabir Ansari said that the allegations are baseless and hearsay.

“That is a false report. We are confirming to the media that what was said is purely false allegation aimed at tarnishing our work” said Hussein.

“As spokesman foreign affair ministry, I want take this opportunity to condemn the statement by Somalia’s Intelligence agency which reflects the unconfirmed reports,” He added.

The spokesman called on Somali government to give apology for the statement made.

The move comes days after NISA announced the arrest of Iranian nationals and their Somali counterparts whom they said were spreading the teachings of the Shia sect in Mogadishu.